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Industrial Waste Heat – an Exceptional Source of Energy!

In the United States, energy demand is expected to rise by approximately 12% by 2050. Despite several ongoing efforts to meet this growing demand, there is a lack of technologies focused on enhancing energy efficiency. Consequently, around 66% of the energy generated is wasted as unused heat, representing a valuable, cost-effective, and carbon-free resource for energy production.

As of 2019, the global market for waste heat recovery systems amounted to $54.3 billion USD. With the increasing concern over Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, strict regulations are being imposed to reduce carbon footprints, which is projected to be the primary driver behind the growth of this market.

Addressing this challenge, SeebeckCell Technologies is dedicated to developing and manufacturing liquid-based thermoelectric cells capable of directly converting industrial waste heat into electricity. These innovative solutions allow for on-site utilization of the generated electricity to power various electrical instruments, contributing to a more sustainable future.


SeebeckCell Technologies develops & manufactures the liquid-based thermoelectric cell that directly converts industrial waste heat into electricity and provides it for on-site electrical instruments. 
SCT's technology enables a higher (Unit Power per Weight) ratio, green production, and cost-effective scalability due to its synthetic materials that do not require mining compared to current technologies, which use semiconductor materials.

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